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OpenCart My Birthday Reminder Module

My Birthday Reminder is a simple program that reminds customer of important birthdays. The My Birthday Reminder provided your store customer to remember important dates like birthday and send email reminder to them when upcoming date. This module send email reminder to your store customer when they have upcoming friends’ birthday and increase your store’s sales.

This module no need VQmod and link on the Account page is generated by jQuery.
The email reminder is send out by email on 15th every month.
No Cron Job need, the reminder is trigger by visitor.
The module will create a new database to store the birthday record and it’s should remove when uninstall module.

How to install the extension?

1. Extract the downloaded archive
2. Connect using a FTP program to your hosting/server account and browse the root of your OpenCart installation folder.
3. Upload the two folders extracted folders, “admin” and “catalog” to OpenCart’s root folder. You should not get any file replacement warnings. If you do, double check to make sure you are not replacing any critical files (if you had an older version of the modules already installed, you will need to replace the old files).
4. Enter OpenCart’s administration menu, Extensions > Modules and “Install” the module
5. Click Edit to configure the My Birthday Reminder module.
6. Click Add Module to select the layouts “Home” on which auto email reminder to be enabled, save.
7. Click Add Module to select the layouts “Account” on which My Birthday Reminder text link to be enabled, save then refresh the shop page to see the changes.