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How to install OpenCart Bootstrap 3 Admin Theme?

This is a simple step guide on how to install Bootstrap 3 Admin Theme for OpenCart Admin.

Before You Begin You Need:

A FTP login to access your store’s files
A OpenCart admin login to test the installation
A OpenCart Bootstrap 3 Admin Theme

1. Connect to your FTP server. Locate the module/theme(Bootstrap 3 Admin Theme) you have downloaded on your local machine. (eg  Upload -1.5.6)

2. Locate the main directory of your shop on your server. (see right side)

3. Open folder Admin, make a copy of folder View and rename it to Backup-View( This is backup original admin template files)

4. Open the locale folder containing the module/theme you have downloaded. Select the folder named View. These are the folders that you will need to upload to install the theme.

5.  To install the theme, simply drag these folders into the empty space below the files on your server.

The folders are setup to put the theme in the exact location it needs to be.

Caution: If you drag the folders over a folder found on your server, it will upload the files into the wrong directories and potentially conflict with existing files. Make sure to drag the folders into a clear empty area below the files on your server to avoid this problem.

6.  If you are prompted to overwrite existing files, because already have a folder with the same filenames on your server. If you are backup a folder View, ignore the warning above and select “Yes To All”. Once it uploaded all file, it’s done.

7.  Now you may disconnect your FTP and browse to your Store Admin. You will find new interface of admin panel. Signin with your username and password.

8. The theme skin has been set to default theme, if you like to change to another skin. Browse to Extension -> Module and install the module.

9. Now you may select the skin that you like to use for your admin panel. That’s all, enjoy your new admin panel.

iOS Web App for OpenCart Admin Panel.

Bootstrap 3 Admin Theme has integrated into iOS web app, you may test it on your iOS mobile device.

1. Browse to your store admin panel via iOS device.

2. Click Add to Home Screen

3. Change your Web App name. Done.


Please feel free to leave your comment if you need further help and support.

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